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Evernote Integration

It is a great feature, to have my notes synced to Evernote!


1.) The source (i.e. Pdf article) should be synced and archivated to Evernote, too. This could be done via the BookCover note generated im Evernote as an attached pdf.

2.) Viceversa tapping on the BookCover inside Evernote, the app marginnote should be launched with the specific book opened.

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  • Jupp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For me, Marginnote is a tool for managing projects and for reading books!

    Managing projects?

    Yes: I start with a pdf of a brainstorming and group all information for this project in the Marginnote mindmap - and due to synchronization as linked evernote-notes. This is a real great feature of Marginnote!

    The integration into evernote is essential to have all my projects (books, notes, comments and literature at one place - in Evernote. And all of the stuff is searchable by evernote's powerful searching tools and linked by tags and links. Mind, that also handwritten notes and comments or even screenshots from whiteboards are searchable in Evernote.

    Dropbox is good for backup and sharing, but not for information management and retrieving.

    So please continue working on Evernote integration!

    Regards Jupp

  • AdminMin Sun (Founder, marginnote) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi ,some user suggest me to make one evernote note for whole book,not thousands of notes for whole book.How do you think?
    In the 1.5.0 version, marginnote will support dropbox syncing of all notes/mindmaps,will also sync your books stored in dropbox to ipad.

    I tend to use evernote only as a presentation of book reading(also we can provide a option to embed pdf in note.).We are collecting views from users about Evernote integration.

    Wish to discuss it with you.

    Founder of MarginNote

  • Jupp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ... continued:

    3.) Every note should be stored with its marginnote-URL when synced to Evernote in order to open that specific note in the marginnote app out from evernote app.

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